Industrial Pipe painting is a Company of Great Western Painting
Specializing in Painting Industrial & Commercial Pipe of any kind of Steal - Plastic - Insulated - Copper - Stainless Steel.
High Rises - Factories  - Towers Structural Steel - Water Towers - Industrial & Commercial Tanks - Chemical Plants -  Silos -  Flares Thermal & Fire Proof Painting Structural Steel - Light Poles - Epoxy Floors - Water blasting & Industrial Sand Blasters. Manufacturing and Processing Plants.
Chemical  & Industrial Plants

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Full Service
White Metal Sand Blasting Company

Baking Soda  Blasting - Water - Blast Potassium -
 Sulfate Blasting Sand Blasting Ground Corn Cobs  Blasting Walnut Shells Blasting Black Beauty - Coal Slag Glass Beads Blasting

Sand Blasting - Soda Blasting structural steel - Commercial Sand Blast cement floors - Water Blasting high rises,-Glass Bead Blasting - Grit Blast inside tanks, - Shot Blast water tanks, - Water jet blasting stadiums, Hydro Blasting California sand blast, Utah water blast, water blasting,
Beed blasting,Commercial Sand Blasting

Commercial Sand Blast       Industrial Sand Blasting